Frequently Asked Questions For Advertisers
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Why are your hits so affordable?

We streamline everything that we do to minimize any extra expense and pass the savings along to you. Our members prefer to have more links available to click on, so we try to accommodate that need by offering low advertising rates.

How many hits will I receive and how long will it stay on the website?

You will receive many hits. At minimum, you will receive the amount of your purchase.

What countries will my visitors come from?

Unless you order our Target-By-Country feature, your visitors will come from all over the world.

Can I change my website text and URL?

Only if your order has not yet been setup and no visitors have been received. After your hits begin, no changes can be made.

Do I have to register with your site to become an advertiser?

No, advertisers can enter their website details and go straight to payment, without registering an account. However, if you wish to click links and earn money, please feel free to join as a free member.

Why is it taking so long for my link to added after I have sent payment?

We have staff members available very frequently to setup link orders. If it is not added within a few hours, please open a support ticket so that we may investigate. Please remember all link orders must be confirmed by entering a 5-digit key before our staff members even review it. This 5-digit key and instructions are emailed to the address on your Paypal account instantly after your payment is sent. If you have already confirmed your order and it still is not setup within a few hours, please contact us via our online support area. Include the Item # found on your Paypal receipt in your contact message.

Just WHY is your site so successful?

You mean you can't tell? :) It's because we deliver on what we promise! Period.


If you have any other questions, you may contact us.

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